This oriental journey through the landscapes of melodic techno will capture the attention on any dancefloor, no matter if played at an open air, club or stream-setting. The upcoming talent from Switzerland has an incredible ear for detail and convinces with a massive talent for innovative sound-design. His music is painting a wide, cinematic depth you rarely get to hear. Also including two Remixes by Nesstor and Natanael Megersa. The first track „Babel“ delivers solid and powerful emotions with an ever-forward rhythm peppered with eastern acoustic instruments and a deep, moving bassline, which will let you trip away easily while dancing under the stars. Genesis starts off with a dreamy vibe, stunning percussions and a natural sound width. Uniquely pitch-shifted Synths play perfectly with carefully placed pads in an arrangement which slowly but steadily builds in melodic gravity. Waiving the need for a classic build-up, this outstanding piece of music is perfect for dusk/dawn situations. Nesstor transforms Genesis into a more peak-time oriented version. Whie he stays relatively close to the original with it’s organic percussions and Synths, he’s fusing it with a massive kick and an ever-growing lead-bass which takes over the track in the mid part. Natanael Megersa took Genesis and introduced it into the world of classic house with this debut remix. Creating a lighter version of the original while staying loyal to the original melody, he also implements trippy vocals and a light piano arpeggio, rounding up this EP perfectly.

Nesstor is back with an EP filled with deep, driving, dancefloor-oriented yet acoustic influenced music. His ear for detail in every part and his storytelling abilities make this one of our most interesting releases yet. Also including two killer remixes by Jan Oberlaender and Rafner. The first track „Ascended“ tells the story of a mind, struggling to find ground beneath it. The bottomless depth of the analogue bassline evolves throughout the piece, finishing in a melodic standoff between the mysterious arpeggiators and the deeper melodies, accompanied by a dreamy duduk. The second track „Bipolar“ tries to capture the duality of the world and the soul. Starting off rather bouncy and a little lighter on the mood, it turns into a deep and melancholic track which is heavily accompanied by dark percussions, reflecting opposite states of minds. A western style guitar played by Julia Moon is being introduced in the break, which builds up to a resolution in the end, where the ambivalent elements play alongside with each other. With „Monowar“ Nesstor produced a melodic B-Side track with a dreamy vibe and an epic, analogue lead, which evolves throughout the track. Waiving classic breaks or build ups, this piece only knows one direction: forward. His final track „Drifting“ embraces the feeling, that the planet and the mind drift through the universe without any breaks. This is by far the most dancefloor-oriented tune, with ecstatic synthesizers and a dark, progressive bassline, which grows without any hurdles until the end. Also introducing little guitar licks by his brother Leon Naaf. Jan Oberlaender’s take on „Ascended“ shifts the track into a dancefloor-hymn for later hours with a catchy lead and a generally lighter mood. Rafner transforms the track into a percussion driven journey which leads to a heavy drop in the middle whithout dismissing the dreamy vibe of the original.

NachtEin.TagAus is proud to introduce the artist behind our newest EP: Luis Solé. The talented newcomer delivers a fresh and detailed take on the heavily dancefloor-oriented genres of Indie Dance and Melodic Techno, with a dash of Dark Disco. With his track Pulse Hypnosis, he convinces with a steady, yet powerful groove and a playful soundscape. Complex lead-bass melodies and powerful hits and stabs make this a perfect peak time banger, which lets us hope to be reunited on the dancefloor once again soon. His second track Bíiru starts off straight away with a psychedelic atmosphere, which is being overtaken by a heavy kick and a deep, rolling bassline. With creative hi hats and soundscapes, he seamlessly arranges new instruments into a track which continuously builds tension up until the first break, where it shifts into a melodic and epic ambience with hopeful, breezy synth-lines – which are then being completely obliterated by the hefty drop and quickly return to finish the track with a longing state of mind. The remix by Arel & Schaefer turns Pulse Hypnosis into a very groove oriented, crystal clear journey with a bigger emphasis on the more joyful parts of the original mix, which were combined with heavy bass-stabs and extensive pads. Dave Marshall takes it into a different direction and applies his well-known Space Disco formula to the original. With a heavy focus on percussive elements and staccato style synths, he creates a languorous yet pulsating trip for the later hours on the dancefloor.

NachtEin.TagAus presents the new melancholy fireworks from Tiefgeist with recorded cello elements from RufusHam. Together with the remixes by Amount and Dave Marshall, the mini EP comes up with three suitable interpretations that couldn’t be more different. While the original mix contains the full range and abundance of cello melodies, Amount brings in a club-like groove with his remix, paired with hypnotic plucks. Dave Marshall’s remix focuses on an indie dance style bassline with a rock feel.

After their release on Bar 25 Music, the first EP follows on NachtEin.TagAus. Cheers to „Iconic Dust“. Both tracks of the EP contain quasi-revolutionary traits – in addition to the kick there are lively hi-hats as well as crisp claps. „Iconic“ stamps forward with fanfare onto the stages of the festival season. „Dust“ sneaks up from behind and then hits the hat with a dry rhythm. The Remix by Iconic gives the EP Ron Flatter’s typical melodically playful spin. Thanks to the remix by Nesstor, the EP gets a slightly darker and more impulsive club-friendly track, which rounds off the EP perfectly.

With „Cover of my Sins“ Felix Raphael has once again created a wonderful, harmonious piece of music. His distinctive voice gives this track a warmth that seeks its equal. Paired with his well thought out melodies & synths, this track is the perfect start to the upcoming summer. Yannek Maunz has delivered a perfectly matching remix with a relaxed interpretation, which rounds off the EP.

The bridging of differences. The consistency through creativity. This mutual complementation is the basis of a unique friendship, which also connects the two as artists for over a decade. Spheres that build on each other, give the impression of subtle twists and turns. Exemplary of this is the duo’s first joint EP. Mellowflex celebrate the debut with two remixes. The mood of the first song „Chumu“, unfolds especially well in the first part of our set“, say the two Munich-based musicians. The on the one hand powerful bassline harmonizes in counterpart with the playful trebles. The melody – catchy, but gloomy. The timbre dynamizes and strives for energy, but does not let it disintegrate. On the B-side Mellowflex create a musical contrast. Metallic sounds dominate, which release a very special, raw energy. The two remixes come from Aio and Genji Yoshida.