Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall is a DJ, producer, promoter and co-founder of NachtEin.TagAus. Born in Britain, he has been living in Munich for a number of years, where he is best known as a resident in Bahnwärter Thiel. 

His sound stands for the playful mixture of melodic textures and organic percussions, the combination of which he affectionately calls „Space Disco“.



Paul alias Nesstor discovered his love for electronic music at an early age. As the son of a family of artists, he has been in constant contact with alternative lifestyles and creative activities and is producing music since his early youth. With these passions he then founded a creative collective in Munich in 2016, which organizes and designs colorful events and immersive festival stages. With his preferences for deep / melodic techno and progressive house, he is responsible for the darker influences at NachtEin.TagAus.

His music is characterized by a spherical, cinematic and emotional ambience, storytelling leads and deep bass lines, combined with detailed percussions and acoustic elements, weaved together in progressive, dancefloor oriented arrangements.